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Ds's "father"

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NCjustforthis90 Sat 27-Feb-16 12:26:42

Ok so quick background. Was in a relationship for a year and a half with someone who I didn't realise at the time was emotionally abusive and very manipulative. He was also physically abusive on two occasions.

I fell pregnant and he moved in with his mum 250 miles away and has never met ds who is now one. He has sent me a grand total of ten pounds. He refuses to work or claim benefits to avoid contributing. He does do cash in hand work though. His family have no clue ds exists.

He didn't even wish ds a happy birthday. I do work but obviously things are tight sometimes. Anytime I have asked for money towards his son I have explained what it is for. Everytime he has made me feel guilty and unreasonable for asking.

I shouldn't be surprised but I will just never understand people abandoning their kids without a second thought. There's no point asking for money as he will just plead poverty. Sorry I'm unsure why I'm posting. Just wanted to get it off my chest as it angers and upsets me that he seems to have money for new things and going out but nothing for ds!

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