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Feeling down!

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Drivingmecrazy30 Fri 26-Feb-16 20:07:40

Just that really!! My divorce is nearly coming to an end a year ago I kicked my husband out for what seems now a revival argument even though I wasn't happy and felt unloved and went through a tough time (everyone seems to think I had a mid life crisis I was only just 30) for 6 months basically just existing for the sake of my daughter I thought I was getting through it but last weekend was a year ago that I kicked him out and the day after was 7 years to the day we met it just seems to of set me back and have a really bad week with anxiety about my future!!
Not really sure what I'm after just needed to vent as in sure everyone in rl is sick of listening to me! Thanks

Marchate Fri 26-Feb-16 20:17:31

It's natural to go over the past and think of where alternative roads would have led

Remember you weren't happy. Look after your daughter by helping her see that women don't need to put up with a miserable life. Happiness is within yourself, even if sometimes it's so well hidden you don't believe it's there

The present and the future matter. The past is over and can't be changed/improved. Please don't waste time regretting what might have been x

Drivingmecrazy30 Fri 26-Feb-16 20:33:10

I know I shouldn't waste time regretting it, but now that I am out the other side of what I can only describe as a black hole it just makes me wonder....
My daughter is alwaysy number one and is the apple of my eye she has kept me going but again it breaks my heart for her as she loves my ex he is her step dad and has done So much for her!!

Marchate Fri 26-Feb-16 20:37:24

She can still love him. As she grows up she will understand that things are not always perfect, but her mum made a good decision for both of you

The further you travel away from a black hole, the weaker its gravitational pull!

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