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finding things really hard

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supermariossister Thu 25-Feb-16 04:40:57

Had another row with dp tonight about dealing with the dc, something of mine had gone missing and was found in stepsons drawers broken, asked him to speak to him about it but since we have had problems with the dc lying lately wasn't sure it would come to much. He has spoke to him and he said no wasn't him didn't have it, dp has then told all the dc that they won't be going on electricals at all until someone owns up which to me is pointless it doesn't make anyone own up, they all get punished and are upset and still we don't find out the truth. It's been like this for a couple of months and I'm honestly considering walking away now the dc don't get dealt with the same (2 his, one mine) and he just doesn't seem interested in hearing me out when I try to put my point across. I love them all so much but I'm worn out trying to keep everyone happy and lonely dealing with everything alone so he doesn't impose some ridiculous punishments that don't solve the problems. He is a great dad and we get on so well but lately he has changed he doesn't want to go anywhere unless we have to really and spends the 3 days he has a week off sitting around xbox/watching films, I don't feel like he's that interested anymore and I'm not sure if I can turn this around.

Marchate Thu 25-Feb-16 08:20:41

He is showing his true colours

If you are questioning the relationship, now would be a good time to separate rather than waiting until you have more to lose

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