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Finally left him after he cheated

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elliebe13 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:35:56

Long story short, my emotionally abuse husband has come so close to making me leave before. We decided on a fresh start this week. He changed his Facebook password a few months ago for no reason and he had left it on yesterday so I decided to look....

A girl who works for him has been sending him messages, and him back. It appears they've been meeting in secret. At one point her told her they had to go 'underground' as he's too well known in this part of town. I feel like I have been hit by a car. I can't stop crying. This time last year I prayed for him to cheat so I could leave but nothing prepares you. He switches between pleading and anger and swears there was no physical contact.

In a way that just makes it worse. He sacrificed his son and our marriage for some cheap flirtation. I contacted her and got a stream of abuse back which for me confirms guilt.

I am at my parent's house now and my little boy (2.5) is sleeping. It's just awful. It's over.

Blacksheep78 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:40:57

So sorry you are going through this Ellie.

Stay strong.

Riskybiscuits Wed 24-Feb-16 12:01:38

I'm so sorry OP, it must have been such a shock for you after you have already been through so much. You don't deserve this. Sending you good thoughts flowers

Binders1 Wed 24-Feb-16 12:12:00

ellie - I saw your recent thread.

I'm so sorry you are going through this and it will be hard to begin with but there is a happier future ahead for you and your lovely little boy. You deserve so much better than your emotionally abusive husband and he certainly doesn't deserve you.

Kirk123 Wed 24-Feb-16 23:13:27

Big hugs , you have many friends on here x

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