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Australian de facto question...

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jpharvey Mon 22-Feb-16 23:21:38

any advice would be appreciated...long term defacto relationship in UK have two DS, relocated to Australia (Vic) May 2015, things have not been going well and have decided to separate. I'm not working (a mutual decision - house finding and settling the children and he's away a lot) I however commence a part time casual job this Thursday. He is high earner (200k) have just checked our joint account (my only source of income) and he's transferred all the money out leaving $186!! (which I have withdrawn in cash). Am assuming he wants to give me some sort of 'allowance' on payday which is mid month, he's now going away to Sydney for a few days. Have called Vic Legal aid but long phone queues.

Aussiebean Mon 22-Feb-16 23:52:50

There is no defacto relationship in the U.K., but is in Aus.

What exactly are you asking?

Aussiemum78 Tue 23-Feb-16 01:12:51

Do you want to separate? Do you own joint assets?

Yes in Australia a defacto partner is treated as a spouse in separation, however I'm not sure how your citizenship affects you (ie any uk assets). Also, you might not be eligible for benefits.

The other issue might be custody, if you want to relocate home.

Go and talk to a solicitor.

AcrossthePond55 Tue 23-Feb-16 01:39:55

Here's the section on De Facto relationships. But you really need to seek legal advice especially if he's starting to play funny with finances.

sofato5miles Tue 23-Feb-16 01:51:50

I am sorry, he has two children and he cleared out the bank account/ What a fucking prize he is.

You need to get legal advice pronto, explain to him that he is behaving in an antagonising fashion and that you need to work together to seperate amicably as you are parents and you know grown ups.

How old are your children?

thelastwingedthing Tue 23-Feb-16 02:04:14

Watch that he doesn't try to hide or minimise his income. Get hold of copies of anything you can find related to finances and put them somewhere he can't get to them.

differentnameforthis Tue 23-Feb-16 03:18:28

Depending on your visas, you may not be able to stay in the country once you separate. Please check this asap!

GrinAndTonic Tue 23-Feb-16 03:23:03

Get copies of EVERYTHING such as bank statements, texts etc
Speak to the high commission about visas.
Get legal assistance. Most places give you a free hour consultation or try legal aid.
Speak to Centrelink about financial support.

diggerdigsdogs Tue 23-Feb-16 03:27:55

Can you get to a centre point? They are really helpful and should point you in the right direction.

ICJump Tue 23-Feb-16 05:34:58

Really sorry this is happening the ASIC website has some good stuff plus info of where to get more help

Glastokitty Tue 23-Feb-16 05:39:29

What visa do you have? Do you have PR? You really need to see a lawyer.

MaryRobinson Tue 23-Feb-16 05:56:19

What nationality is he?

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