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Uprooting DC?

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TaraBoxBrain Mon 22-Feb-16 11:04:46

Ok, bit of background info. Ex DH and I divorced 2 years ago, we are on very good terms and co parent. I have our 3 DC 4/5 days a week, he has them 2/3.

We both have new partners, I live with mine. I am now 3 months pregnant (unplanned, haven't told anyone yet).

We both live in a small city. The DC go to an incredibly good (state) school which was very difficult to get into. our eldest DC is starting secondary in Sep and is likely going to get a place in a very very good local secondary.

DH and I have quite a messy separation (kids know nothing of this) and there have been quite a few raised eyebrows and 'side taking' (mainly against me) among people we know here. My mother and I don't really speak, but she is very close to ex DH.

My father, his wife and my extended family live who I'm close to in a nearby town (30 mins drive). It's lovely and has a very laid back feel, slightly 'alternative'. I've always wanted to live there and with the new baby due would really like to move there as I have a better support network.

I think DC would have a better quality of life, there is lots of gorgeous countryside and a real sense of community, so much going on. We don't live close to their current school so they can't really walk to school and they don't have many friends locally here.

The schools are not as good in the new town. I would be extremely reluctant to move their school, mainly because of the emotional disruption but also because the schools aren't as great academically..... Only an ofsted point away though, so maybe I'm being silly?

So would I be unreasonable to make the move?

Ex DH supports the idea but wouldn't want them to move schools.

pocketsaviour Mon 22-Feb-16 17:49:54

Have you visited the schools they would need to transfer into? Do you know anyone whose kids go there who you could ask?

If you moved, could you potentially commute the older one to school every day - although the younger one would then be stuck going to the less good school, so might feel quite unfair.

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