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Need someone encouragement

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Angieyy1 Mon 22-Feb-16 10:59:44

I'm having a really bad day so far, I can't shut off my mind 24/7 all I think about is wanting him back how I can get him back .

Why would I want someone back that has told me they do not love me ? And has very little contact with me over the last 6 weeks

That speaks volume, he doesn't want me, why can't I accept that, why isn't it sinking in

Each day that goes by its getting harder... Iv been going To the gym everyday to put a stop this depression that I'm going to sink into .... It's not helping Iv been this morning and had to stop and leave as I just wanted to cry

I haven't contacted him now in 9 days why am I so deluded in thinking it will make him want me if I give him time

It won't !!!! How do you get over someone you wanted to be with forever been 39 I thought this was it

Bree85 Mon 22-Feb-16 11:50:13

Hi! I know how it feels to love someone who does not love you back. It makes you question yourself and if you are not good enough. But love is suppose to be felt by two, not only one sided. Even if you want him so much if he does not love you, you still won't be happy. Just feel the pain. Don't try to hide it. Feel it until someday you will wake up and you don't feel it anymore. Just try and keep yourself busy for a while. Time can heal everything.

Angieyy1 Mon 22-Feb-16 12:14:48

He was under a lot of pressure with work and had to hand his notice in just after Xmas he said he couldn't be bothered to do anything anymore but then said he didint love me and we had nothing in common ....

I thought he was just depressed with everything but obviously he wanted out its so hard because I just want to sit down and talk to him Iv asked and he keeps saying he doesn't know so I haven't bothered anymore

TheNaze73 Mon 22-Feb-16 18:36:36

You're doing all the right things. Don't chase him & give him time to miss you. He should realise he could lose you but, it sounds like his head is not in the right place at the moment

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