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Part 2 of my dilemma

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AnnP1963 Sun 21-Feb-16 19:43:54

Well i feel you all deserve an update after my post a little while ago. My daughter has gone away and told him there is no future in this relationship but she likes him as a friend. They appear to have had a good time so there you go.
But can i ask you wonderful ladies out there for some advice. As i said previously i am a busy Mum i work full time i go to weightwatchers i am starting a running club and i go out with my friends and husband. I naturally worry about my children the same as we all do. However i am 52 not 21 and maybe there are some younger ladies on here that could advise me. What do i do when she gets back because to be honest i'm a bit p****d off. My daughter had a boyfriend who she loved for 2 years they were great to start with but he cheated on her and she forgave him but it never recovered and ultimatly finished. She was devestated really devestated. Since then we hae had a whole year of her from going up to down at an alarming rate. Her behaviour recently has been disgusting. I could have told her over 6 weeks ago there was no spark i saw it for myself but she wouldn't listen. A cuple of weeks ago her Dad was really poorly she wanted this boy to stay the night, after only 3 weeks i said No because your Dad is ill and i think you should know this lad a bit longer. Well you would have thought it was the end of the world she went crazy, i have got two girls and even i was surprised as i have never seen this level of strop before. I understand she was very upset about the lad she went out with for 2 years but she is only 21 for God's sake! Since then she has gone out with a couple of lads who quite frankly were not even her type she went out with boys who she would never have given a second glance at. Her emoitional behaviour goes from up to down in seconds and i have had enough.
Lots of you will say take a step back and believe you me i have really tried but it is so hard when you live in the same house. If i ignore her behaviour she moans if i talk about anything else she says im avioding the subject. It has even got to the point now that i get the dread on a friday not a sunday evening. I skip off to work on a Monday as i am happy to be away. On a Friday i dread what the weekend has in store. So does my poor husband, all of this stress has caused more arguements that anything i can think of for a long time. Her behaviour dominates our house. On the flip side i do not want her to get depressed and i know she has to have someone to talk to. However now i am asking for some constructive help. She is due back tomorrow
How do i approach this?Shocked: shock

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