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me again! Still fed up feel like walking out

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ddeemummy Sat 20-Feb-16 20:18:52

Hi. I posted other day regarding how down im feeling lately in general. Well im feeling no better, dont feel like I can bother anyone with how im feeling so hence me posting here again.

I dont want to sound like im this nagging fish wife and in all honestly its not often im mad with my husband but im really really fed up today. Its been a long hard half term and feel like ive had no support and been on my own with the 3 kids (2 sn plus had step son part of hols aswell so 4 kids some days).

So husband was working until dinner he got up at half 6 and found eldest daughter was wet he brought her into me and then the youngest got in with me aswell soon after. I asked if he had time to strip the bed and he did but just left it all on girls bedroom floor, went in to find the girls playing on top of it later so that set me off i dont understand why it was so hard to just put it in laundry bin we have 2 surely it wouldnt of made any difference to time wise.

We was all supposed to be going bowling this aft but I couldnt snap out of my mood so he just took the 2 boys, resulting in 5 year old head butting me during a melt down - dont think she was bothered about bowling but she wanted her dad got a nice lump on my lip to show for it. Spent most afternoon curled up on couch crying.

They came home and although husband seemed concerned she had hurt me he just doesnt seem to undetstand how im feeling. He has promised me a lie in tomorrow and then he goes and asks his mum to come for sunday dinner which i dont mind but ive nothing in this week was thinking of only doing sausages.

Top it off his mates turned up so im upstairs on my own 2 kids asleep ( for now) 2 to go.

Im aware things are pretty minor compared to other peoples problems but so frustrated. Im hoping once routine is back in place things wont be as bad and I might cheer up

Aussiebean Sat 20-Feb-16 20:35:45

If he invited his mum, he is in charge of dinner.

Haven't got much advice for you at the moment, but someone wise will be along to help.

In the mean time winecake

ddeemummy Sat 20-Feb-16 22:47:59

Thanks. Yes he said he will nip out and get something and cook so we see i usually end up having take over.

Well managed to chill in bed most night he keeps popping up to see me. Feeling a bit more relaxed

ddeemummy Sun 21-Feb-16 09:49:58

No lie in for me although he did get up with kids hes not stopped them coming up to me and been noisy. He then came at 9 said hes taking dogs out although hes sent me back to bed. Cant relax though

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