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I'm devastated....he has literally broke me.

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Kelsey2000 Sat 20-Feb-16 18:24:02

I got involved with a man practically married.
They had been split for 4 months.
He left as he was unhappy.
He was a friend I worked with and we got together.
He has a daughter at the time was 6 months old.
We were great he told me how he loved me but spent nights crying over how he missed he's daughter and putting her to bed.
He told me he wanted me but needed he's daughter.
He ended it with me and is now back with ex.
I was literally heartbroken.
Stupidly I'm stalking on Facebook page and its all pictures of him and he's daughter and him and daddy duties,best check if the wife is OK.
I honestly am so upset.
Why do that to me,he threw our 6 year friendship away to break my heart.
He doesn't even miss me.
How can you say you love someone and do that.
He told me he left as he didn't love her anymore then goes back.

BitchPeas Sat 20-Feb-16 18:27:34

This is going to sound brutal, and I really don't mean to kick you while your down but, he was bullshitting you. Probably felt overwhelmed with parenthood and the change in his marriage, made a rash decision to leave, regretted it after he had had time to think and went back. You were a convinient distraction.

Would you really want to be with a man as inadequate as that. His poor wife!

Learn from it and move on. You are worth more than that flowers

Crazycake Sat 20-Feb-16 18:37:37

I'm really sorry but I agree with Bitchpeas. Being a new parent can be very daunting, my (ex) husband disappeared 2 weeks before I was due, came back with his tail between his legs, apologising profusely. I finally woke up and smelled the coffee 7 years (and 2 more children) later.

Bingowingslikeashieldofsteel Sat 20-Feb-16 23:09:10

Sweetheart at the time he probably did think he loved you. And it could well be that as a couple they aren't meant to be together, but it could be that things got tough and they couldn't deal with them at that point in time.

This will go one of two ways - he'll realise the grass isn't greener and they will rebuild their relationship. If this happens, for your own sake, you need to get your head around this being a good thing for him, the man you care about. It will help you move on and have faith in other men when the time comes for you to be in another long term relationship. We all fuck up, and we often bring others down with us without ever intending to hurt them - it's not you he's rejecting, he's just choosing his family.

If it doesn't and they don't end up staying together, you need to have walked away wishing them both the best for now. Move on and meet new people. Don't begrudge him trying to do the right thing but don't sit around while he decides what to do. Don't play the pick me game, you're better than that - and if he's anything about him he'll respect you more than that anyway.

None of it is about you. It was nothing you did, and there was nothing you could have done differently x

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