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please tell me im not the only one

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ddeemummy Fri 19-Feb-16 05:41:44

Who is just totally fed up of everything!

Not sure if relatiinship page is appropriate so feel free to move if need to.

Generally just fed up, I have a 3 kids 7,5,3 (2 eldest are sn). I suffer bad anxiety which under doctor for anyway but school holidays I always feel it quite hard. Not done too bad so far with half term but Yesterday took them all to local country park. They were all just playing me up something rotten. Son had a major meltdown as he wanted to leave, my 5 year old daughter didnt want to leave resulting in another meltdown. My youngest decided to join in just not to be left out. One child ran one way another ran other way.Safe to say we are staying in today which to be fair is sometimes harder than going out.

Ive had around 2.5 hours sleep 5 year old woke 2.15am shouting house down woke younger daughter up who ended up in our bed until 4.30 ive put her back down in her bed but the 5 year old is tossing and turning So waiting for her to wake again. Top it off heads killing i got sore throat and a chesty cough and the husband has just slept through it all hmm

I just feel so alone sometimes although my hubby is generally really hands on he works full time sometimes 10 hours a day he comes home has a bath tea helps me settle kids for bed and thats it hes off to bed. Weekends he is really good but fed up of the day to day crap and doing it all alone! I am not very close to my family my sister has similar age kids so see her a bit and she might watch them now and then for a short amount of time if needs be, mother in law is pretty good she has regular sleep overs at weekends and has a caravan so in summer often takes them for a couple nights gives us a break. I dont see many of my friends as I dont feel they totally understand how hard things are.

Im just stuck in a rutt i guess. Im lucky now youngest is in nursery i get a bit of alone time but it goes so quick spend most of that time cleaning. I tried getting a part time job but didnt work out although really enjoyed it.

Sorry to rant on i know its pretty long and as im half asleep it might e hard to understand

AugustMoon Fri 19-Feb-16 06:37:04

You are not the only one. There have been times i have felt exactly like this. Mine are now 12, 9 and 3 and took them all to supermarket yesterday which used to be enough to induce a near nervous breakdown. BUT they were actually very good and helpful and i looked at them all together and just felt this wave of pride. What i'm trying to say is it does get easier... And it won't be long. flowers

hesterton Fri 19-Feb-16 06:42:56

Sounds like a tough stage. Is there any way you can have 1, 2 or even all 3 at your mil for even a night this weekend? You and dh could probably use a night out followed by a lie in. Even a short break like that could perk you up a little...

ddeemummy Fri 19-Feb-16 06:49:55

Thanks. Its never ending layed awake It dawned on me Ive had nearly 8 years of surviving on 2-6 hours per night unless kids are out. confused

Everyone praises me how well I do at getting kids out on days out etc but I dont always think that.

We have step son this weekend and husband is working tomorrow morning for a few hours. He will normally let me lie in on a Sunday but then I feel guilty as he never gets a lie in.

Hate feeling so sorry for myself but like said stuck in a rutt more I over think things more crap I feel

itsbegginingtolook Fri 19-Feb-16 07:09:30

It is hard and I know how you feel living on no sleep I do to. I don't have no one who can take mine for even a night. So not really any advice to help just wanted to let ya know you are not the only one and hold on in ther

junebirthdaygirl Fri 19-Feb-16 08:23:05

When mine were small l always got a local teenager to help at least one day in the holidays. I was there but she would chase them around the garden and l would get an hour here and there to myself. When my dd was a teenager she did the same for a neighbour. Broke her day up. She loved them kids and it meant they had someone they knew if ever an emergency. It's a very tough time with all small but it does get easier. Don't spend the time cleaning everyday when you have a break. Go to an exercise class or do some course or meet someone for coffee. Get out at least 2 days if only for a walk. You need that time. There will always be bloody cleaning as it's a never-ending task.

QuiteLikely5 Fri 19-Feb-16 08:57:19

These years are the hardest just hold on tight and take one day at a time

ddeemummy Fri 19-Feb-16 09:13:19

I do try get out if I can ive been atrending courses at children centre since my eldest was a baby Its that point now ive done most of the things there doing. I go to autism groups aswell so I am getting out.

I just cant live in a messy house it makes me cringe, it will never be perfect i accept that.

I take dogs for a walk when I can And also go slimming world so I guess dont do too bad!

I always said by time my youngest is in fill time school I want to be back in work but I cant see that happening sad

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