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Angieyy1 Wed 17-Feb-16 11:05:45

I finally stopped fighting for him on Saturday..... I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and settle down..... So after 6 weeks of pure torture ...... Not sleepy not eating... And begging for him back And not understanding what has actually just happened with him not once acknowledge me after two years...with plans of a future and children involved..

on Saturday I deleted his number and i stopped fighting for him I started to accept that he doesn't want me .... And at this moment that's fine because he's has just lost my love that was so pure .....

Iv thought so hard to bring my self around to realise I'm actually a happy person... I'm funny..... And I have so much to give...I'm loyal and honest . When I love my love is pure.... I'm outgoing and energetic and passionate

Yesterday I went to the pictures on my own it felt odd but I did it.... Today I'm going to the gym.... I think about him from the moment I wake up untill the moment

I go to sleep and right now I decided that's ok because it shows my love for him was real...

And what I have decided is that in all honesty it's his loss.... So I'm on my 3rd day of nc and I'm sure it's going to get harder but I'm a fighter

Sorry for the rant xx

mumsonthelash Wed 17-Feb-16 11:36:44

Well done for NC. What is the point of begging? None it makes no difference except to push them away further.
Stop elevating your love for him to pure standards that's just daft. Remember he walked away.
You don't owe him unconditional anything. The only person suffering is you so stop with the glorification.
Nobody deserves that.
Good luck and each day will definitely become easier.

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