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Introducing new friend

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pickles184 Mon 15-Feb-16 22:16:42

For background I am a single mum to my 3 year old DD, split with her Dad whilst pregnant so we have never lived together as far as she's concerned. She has a good relationship with her Dad despite him being pretty flaky with contact and we are amicable towards each other in her presence.

I have recently started dating an old friend and due to a complete lack of childcare options am wondering if I would be rushing things to allow him to stay over occasionally at the weekends? I am thinking that he would be in the spare room and only introduced to dd as a friend and treated exactly the same as we do when we have other people stay with us if that makes any difference.
He has actually met her a few times when she was a baby and young toddler, but not within her memory. Now if we hadn"t complicated things by realising we have more than friendly feelings towards each other I wouldn't be worrying about him hanging out with us or staying the night, but equally feel like I don't want to compromise dd if there is potential for her to be unsettled by it. Does anyone have experience of something similar or any sensible advice for how to approach this?

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