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Anyone else in a long distance relationship? (I'm talking separate countries.)

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Ponyoyo Sun 14-Feb-16 20:03:07

Not n'ext town over can only see each other weekends' sort of thing. Like real LDR?

My beau lives on another continent. We see each other as much as we can. (Been together about 8 months and we've visted each others countries once each in that time and are due a month long visit in March) Talk on messenger all day, everyday. Skype is a blessing.

I've actually been OK today, I was kind of dreading it but I've been fine. I got flowers delivered and chocolates.

Guess I'm just trying to focus on March right now.

Anyone else in similar situation?

redexpat Sun 14-Feb-16 20:49:37

Not for the last 8 years since I moved here. The 3.5 years before that we were in Denmark and UK.

Can I just say - enjoy the mind blowing sex. It's never as good as when you're long distance.

At some point you will have to work out if you love each other enough to move - if so who moves where - or if you will go your separate ways. If you do choose to move, integration can be a very very long road. So think long and hard about it.

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