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Humiliation is setting in

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Angieyy1 Sun 14-Feb-16 10:48:57

I posted about me deleting his number yesterday and trying to now accept its over after 6 weeks and today Iv woke up feeling like Iv completely humiliated myself ..... For the last two weeks Iv sent him message asking to meet up to talk and then telling him what I think of him to then telling me how he's hurt me so much and I'm devestated to not only loose him but his family too and then how much I want him and he's an amazing man's deeper than that I was also pregnant to him last year but I lost it this was a 2 year relationship with plans of a future marriage and relocation with my child ....I was very much involved with his family life .. I haven't gone to his home and I haven't phoned him or emailed him just texed him I'd say over the last two weeks ...... He's just been so cold ...... And hasnt replied back other than to say that he's not interested ...which I'm now coming to terms with ........ Am I been hard on myself here Iv never acted this way before even after a 16 year relationship failed I just let him go .... So now I'm questioning every text Iv sent him and how many I did send and trying to work out if iv come across as stalking him....I know how I have come across as been emotionally unstable because right now I am ..... but I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with him ..... I can't even check as I deleted them all along with his number ......can I get some dignity back here ...I feel absolutely mortified and terrible xx

DoreenLethal Sun 14-Feb-16 10:52:13

First breathe.

You cannot move backwards in life so just stand tall, and give yourself a talking to and go out with some friends, laugh about it and move on.

Sugary Sun 14-Feb-16 10:59:52

Just put it all in a box and move on. At worst, you have been an irritation to him by texting, but that's all. His loss. Who cares what he thinks. Just forget him and move on.

Angieyy1 Sun 14-Feb-16 11:11:18

It's something that I will try to do now, I have OCD (thoughts) which I'd had under control untill this 😔 anxiety is terrible at the moment and had it all under control untill this xx

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