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I have finally deleted his number

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Angieyy1 Sat 13-Feb-16 18:00:31

Today I have done it ..... It's been 6 weeks since we split and 2 weeks Iv tried so hard to get him back begging humiliating myself .... I even asked if we could be friends....I got a slight glimmer of hope with a yes ..... I then texed him like a friend and nothing ..... Today I asked if I could meet him next week to talk so I could get some closure and move on and no reply as yet ..... So I deleted his number ...... I have things at his I need to collect will have to wait now untill he contacts me to move them ........ It doesn't feel good but I guess I can start to try and let go a lil each day ..... I feel truly disrespected by him now.... Maybe he will realise when it's too late or maybe il realise he did me a favour ...... Iv been so obsessed with trying to get him back over the last two weeks Iv made myself so sick ..... It's time to gain some dignity and self respect again it's not going to be easy but I guess I'm starting in the right direction x

tribpot Sat 13-Feb-16 18:07:21

Hmm this doesn't really feel like closure though, does it? You're expecting (and waiting for?) him to call you back. At which point you will have his number again and the cycle can begin anew.

Can you write off the stuff that's at his house and actually block his number (tricky since you don't have it)? Can you ask a friend to contact him to arrange to pick up the stuff at a time when he's not there?

Can you use this thread to look forward and plan a list of things you want to do in the future? Otherwise I fear it may just be another way to keep your feelings alive.

Angieyy1 Sat 13-Feb-16 18:21:40

He will leave the key for me to collect it he won't be there... I'm hoping as time passes I will move on .... It was more to try and give myself a break I'd started to become obsessed with trying to get him back and I didint have the will power to stop texting but for now I can't and he won't contact me for a very long time he's wanted nothing to do with me since the split .... So hopefully by then il have moved forward a lil bit more x

DraenorQueen Sat 13-Feb-16 18:44:55

Right, be truly honest here. You may have deleted his number but do you have old messages/call logs containing his number so it's always "there" if you want to get back in contact?
It's AWFUL when you humiliate yourself as you describe... I did the same thing 8 years ago and still cringe when I remember it.

FarinaHuevos Sat 13-Feb-16 18:47:22

YY Draenor.

Everything needs to be deleted OP, also he needs to be blocked from contacting you by any method.

Angieyy1 Sat 13-Feb-16 19:30:26

I have deleted everything 😔... I'm obsessed and in denial is this normal ...... Im struggling to accept it ..... It's scaring me I'm consumed by it all day will it lessen xx

andadietcoke Sat 13-Feb-16 19:34:11

It'll get easier. One day soon you'll look up at lunchtime and realise it's the first time you've thought about him that day. But get your stuff back soon, so that you can get back to starting to move on. This limbo is no good for you at all.

Angieyy1 Sat 13-Feb-16 19:35:50

I honestly don't need to Block him he will not contact me .....he's he didn't much when we were together and it's been so hard to get anything out of him this last six weeks x

DraenorQueen Sat 13-Feb-16 19:56:02

I honestly don't need to Block him he will not contact me
But... if he does, you want to receive it, which is why you won't block him?
Sorry for sounding like a dick, but I've done exactly the same.

Angieyy1 Sat 13-Feb-16 19:57:11

Lol no your not because in all honesty if he texed to say could we meet I would I'm just a mess at the moment

DraenorQueen Sat 13-Feb-16 20:01:40

No judgement here, as I say, I've done it too. But you need to be aware that while you're this fixated you're probably going to carry on humiliating yourself. And that's really damaging. sad

Angieyy1 Sat 13-Feb-16 20:25:57

Hopefully I can't now denial isn't good or healthy I need to get to the acceptance X

Inexperiencedchick Sat 13-Feb-16 21:07:11

It will get better.

I have humiliated myself, 1.5 years past, still think sometimes and ask myself "Where was your dignity? How could you allow yourself to fall so low..."

You have to block his number, delete it, and delete from everywhere... FB, twitter, etc...

Start from loving yourself!
Do you actually need your staff at his? Can you live without them?


hurtandconfued2016 Sat 13-Feb-16 21:35:41

I am in the same boat as you op!
my ex left 5 weeks ago and I've been begging him to come back etc etc even though he is with the ow that he was seeing behind my back.
I wish I could cut all contact with him but I have a 2 year old and due to have his baby in 2 weeks!
I go days where I think I don't need him then the next day I am emotional wreck!
sending you hugs as I know it's hard!

Angieyy1 Sat 13-Feb-16 22:11:49

Yes I do they are for work and have stuff in his garage like my bike ect .... They are stuff I can live without for now so in no rush to get them and have no where to put them.... But he's gone from fb as he's blocked me so no social media .......I was hoping by the time I need to get them my feelings would have changed for him and realise he was t right for me ? Xx

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