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Feeling so low

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Angieyy1 Tue 09-Feb-16 11:11:30

It's 6 weeks tmrw since we split I thought I'd be getting better now worse?

I keep waking up really early with a knot in my stomach feeling sick i can't stop thinking constantly.

My car has its mot so I had to catch the bus to the dentist I had tears coming from me whilst on the journey and now in the dentist waiting room I'm the same .

my clothes are hanging off me I haven't eaten properly for 6 weeks and actually feel like I could faint ...

I feel so low I don't even want to get out of bed but I have and..... I blame myself for the way I'm feeling I'm sick of doing this to myself ...... Only a couple of weeks ago I was feeling okish if been going to the gym everyday them college ...did my motorbike theory test and passed and had my first horse riding lessons .... I guess I was kinda giving him some space and hoping he'd come round and he hasn't it's hit me x

GeorgiaT2468 Tue 09-Feb-16 11:15:40

What an awful feeling.. Heartbreak is certainly hard to heal huni.. Why did you split? Xx

GeorgiaT2468 Tue 09-Feb-16 11:15:47

What an awful feeling.. Heartbreak is certainly hard to heal huni.. Why did you split? Xx

Resilience16 Tue 09-Feb-16 11:22:03

Angie you and me are in the same boat so I know what you are going through, and it is hard.
You are grieving what you thought you had and what you hoped you'd have, and it will take time to work through it. I'm the same and have been boohooing in work etc.
Well done for getting out of bed. Be kind to yourself and eat, girl!
Take one day at a time, get through one day at a time. Try not to fantasize about the good times, but remember all those bad times and the reasons why you broke up. I am going to do the freedom course so I make better choices in my next relationship, maybe that's something you could do too?
Hugs for you. It will get easier . Onwards and upwards xx

Angieyy1 Tue 09-Feb-16 11:27:39

Honestly I don't really know .... We have been together for 2 years he's not from here but goes home every 2 weeks to his children .... We'd just been back home at Xmas and new year to spend with his family and his girls and friends and my son

When we'd just got back on the Tuesday he said he was going home again that weekend I asked him not to but said flights were booked and he'd been going home quiet a lot ..
Recently I though he was pulling away from me
although he's been her 6 years now he said the flight had been booked so he was going I asked him to change them and he said no I was on my own that weekend and didint have my son ...

I said if he went he would be single and he said I'm going .... I said I was sorry I didint meant it and I loved him .... He said he didn't love me we have nothing in common anymore ..... Iv humiliated my self by begging and been actually quiet pathetic something Iv never done before ....he's completely not acknowledge me once through out but sent once message to say all the messages are making him feel bad he won't change his mind and it's just making him angry

We had planned to move back to his home when my son had finished his education ..

He's been down for a while with having to hand in his notice and not getting along with his boss .... So I sent him a message telling him he was a coward and a liar and has led me on for the best part of a year after asking just before Xmas if we were ok and him asking me to move home with him if he bought a house

So I'm really struggling with it all as I know il never here from him again

Angieyy1 Tue 09-Feb-16 11:32:50

Resilience ....... It's so hard I'm al over the place like many others here but you always think your story is different and no one understands what your going through ... you pain is worse then everyone else's ... I miss him so much we did so much together ..... Motorbikes, camping going away for weekend .... I just want my life back with him xx

GeorgiaT2468 Wed 10-Feb-16 16:45:00

I know it's hard Hun and after a heart reaching break up we always remember the fab times and it makes you miss them more. It's only very early days lovey but time is a great healer, what you need to do.. This is easier said than done but accept he has left and doesn't want the relationship and concentrate solely on you and your son. Of course it will be hard but give it time and try and move forward with your new circumstances. Book a little get away for you and your son, get a new hobbie and get out with some friends for meals and shopping. I hope you start to feel better soon Hun, hugs xxxx

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