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A Crush on DS's Teacher

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YesAnastasia Mon 08-Feb-16 22:31:16

He's so young!!! It's weird & I hate myself for it but the fact remains that I look forward to seeing him.

He's so cute & earnest. He makes a huge effort for the children & I find it all very attractive.

I've been struggling recently. In my sex life, my identity & my relationship and I've developed a deep attraction to him that I'm scared I'm going to make a massive OLD fool of myself.

Christinayangstwistedsista Mon 08-Feb-16 22:34:06

Instead of worrying about making a fool of yourself, worry about the fact you are considering being unfaithful

YesAnastasia Mon 08-Feb-16 22:38:37

I'm not! I like to imagine but I really don't think I'd go there.

I jut don't want him to realise I fancy him & think I'm an idiot. That's not what I'm worried about. Not that I might shag him! haha

Penfold007 Mon 08-Feb-16 22:38:54

You make a massive fool of yourself and mortify your son. Don't do it. If your unhappy in your relationship then sort it out.

YesAnastasia Mon 08-Feb-16 22:43:11

I'm not 'doing' anything. I have a crush & I'd like to get through this year without being a weirdo! Blushing when he talks to me, flirting. So this is uncommon then?

ItchyArmpits Mon 08-Feb-16 22:47:08

Yeah, don't do anything. From teachers' p.o.v. all interactions with parents are professional ones.
If you try to chat him up it will likely scare the shit out of him - if he follows the rules to the letter he could end up having to inform his boss that you hit on him.... if he doesn't follow the rules to the letter it might end up as staffroom gossip. Don't go there.

NB Teachers are paid to behave like earnest, well-meaning role models. Remember, he could be absolutely horrible when you get to know him smile

thecatfromjapan Mon 08-Feb-16 22:51:38

Crushes like this are a bit like Freudian dreams: they're telling you something. Analyse it: what does he represent for you? It may give you a clue to the direction you want to take your life in.

I don't get why other posters seem to think you've written that you're going to jump him at registration tomorrow and fellate him in front of the class. I've read your posts twice and can't see anywhere you might have written that!

YesAnastasia Mon 08-Feb-16 23:01:32

That's interesting. I honestly don't think he's horrible deep down but I also know that he's not what I want.

I don't want him to know!! AT ALL. I'd be very embarrassed because I'm (as I think I might have said) old.

I'm just thinking about him an awful lot & have to have meetings with him often & I think too much about what I'm wearing etc. I'd love to snap out of it.

YesAnastasia Mon 08-Feb-16 23:07:11

I thought this might happen a lot! Perhaps not, you sensible lot.

thecatfromjapan Mon 08-Feb-16 23:09:30

Is it nice to have a reason to dress up a bit and look attractive? Is it nice to have a reason to think about love, sex, flirtation and hope? Have those feelings been dormant/squashed? Have you felt that all of that is over and now it feels possible again?

All these are reasons that might propel a crush.

And then there is projection and fantasy. You don't know him, so are you projecting onto him the traits you would like to find in a partner? Are you in a relationship? Is it stressed because you think your partner is lacking in certain qualities?

I think crushes have their place in life. They can be a kind of fantasy medicine that gets you through some grim bits of reality.

iamEarthymama Mon 08-Feb-16 23:10:25

Oh for heavens sake!
You are living and breathing and conscious!
Of course you fancy other people, you are programmed through all the years of humanity to fancy people.

As long as you aren't planning to launch yourself at him in the playground enjoy yourself.

He might guess but as a professional he will just smile to himself and carry on.

I worked with the public in my 20s and 30s and little crushes like this were great and made the working environment more enjoyable.

I have such happy memories of a young man called Dennis......and o am married to a woman!!

Do people really think of this as being unfaithful? i am confusedhmm

thecatfromjapan Mon 08-Feb-16 23:12:20

I agree with Earthymama.

Would be a grim life without little flashes of finding others attractive.

YesAnastasia Mon 08-Feb-16 23:14:52

Oh that's nice to hear!! I feel like a perv!

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