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Sex as we age a bit ..

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ginorwine Mon 08-Feb-16 22:24:46

My Dh is a lovely man but as my pal used to say " I'd rather have a good book and a chocolate eclair " ! Meaning other things are a preference .
I'm in my 5o s as is my Dh . We go out together dancing , occasional parties , travel etc and have fun alongside v full on jobs n two teens .im fond of him but don't fancy him .menopause has arrived .
As he always took his cues from me re sex , and I've not given any interest out , he simply does not approach me .
I'm really fine with it but get the feeling that s not OK as if I'm supposed to have sex .
There is a back story to this in that I had some difficulty around this issue stemming from childhood which led to my Dh always taking cues from me so unless I show any interest things will stay the same and he will not address or discuss unless I do out of a long seated habit .
Did anyone else just enjoy the company of Dh at this age but company only ?? !!!!

PrincessBooBoo Mon 08-Feb-16 22:52:18

Mmm, although I intend to (possibly) embark on a new relationship, I am questioning the fact that I'm 50's and would like the company more than the sexual part. This too is because I have the menopause approaching and just don't fancy sex much! I'm actually asking myself if I should just resign myself to a lonely existence rather than fake the want of sex??

ginorwine Tue 09-Feb-16 07:26:00

I'd sus the potential partners feelings out .

TheNaze73 Tue 09-Feb-16 08:35:03

Had a really good talk about this subject the other day with my girlfriend. She gets it now, why men in their 50's go for younger women because of sex drives. I think it's going to be different with every couple. One of my female friends has this in reverse & the menopause has made her rampant, her husband can't keep up grin I think as long as you're both happy with what you decide then so be it.

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