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concerned for my niece

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misslopez Sun 07-Feb-16 17:34:56

A long story, sorry in advance!!

I been living with my sister and niece for just over a year, I love my niece but i hate the way she is always being rude to everyone, thinking its ok to hit,punch,pull hair and even kick me full blown in the stomach im 37 weeks pregnant, also if there is another child present and my niece gets told off she will hurt the other child, she refuses to go to bed and will have a tantrum all through out the night and during the day most of the time we,r lucky if we get any sleep. she gets what she wants when she wants and how she wants, the thing is deep down it isnt her fault she is only 4 years old my sister is always on her laptop she doesnt do alot around the house, she cooks for my niece and gives her all the food she needs.
but my niece lacks attention my sister is always telling my niece to f*ck off leave me alone go watch telle like a normal child would, my niece is always watching telle, my sister has a lock on her inside bedroom door so my niece cant go in there at night but she is always screeeming for her mum to wake up the next day and my sister complains about it!! the thing is i would give my niece all the attention she needs but my sister would get jelouse she has done in the pass told me to back off she isnt my child. that being said my sister does nothing for her they dont go out they stay in all day watching telle all day cant be good fpr a 4 year old. she gets no attention from her mother or infact anyone if my niece is naughty my sister expects everyone else to tell her off.

living here is a nightmare not just for me but for my niece i really do feel her pain being pushed away like that and she stood there asking why isnt mummy giving me a cuddle or why doesnt mummy take me out. the answer she gets ur always naughty u dont deserve good things.

i also told her that my niece will grow up hating her if she doesnt do anything to change the way she is now!! but im in the wrong and i dont know how to raise a child.

I dont know what todo now

RiceCrispieTreats Sun 07-Feb-16 18:52:56

I think you need to find a different place to live. You are about to give birth - do you want to raise your baby in a house that causes you such stress? Do you want your niece to take her frustrations out on your baby?

I feel for her too - she is sadly being neglected. You could talk to your HV or social services about your concerns.

misslopez Sun 07-Feb-16 19:44:06

even if i was to get social services involved I dont think it would make much difference.
My sister has convinced herself that my niece gets enough attention as it is.

As finding somewhere to live im stuck here i have no where else to go im waiting togo on council register but nothing can be done until my lil one is here also connexion floating support is trying todo all they can.

RiceCrispieTreats Sun 07-Feb-16 20:39:50

I think you need to impress upon the council that you are living in a house where a person punches your 37 week pregnant belly, and they had better rehouse you stat. Tell your HV as well. Seriously you cannot just passively continue like this.

pocketsaviour Sun 07-Feb-16 22:32:24

I agree with RiceCrispie.

Your niece is being seriously abused and neglected: sadly until your sister starts physically harming her, social services are unlikely to get involved.

Where do you think your niece learned to kick and hit other people to get her own way?

Curlywurly4 Sun 07-Feb-16 22:42:49

Your poor niece. What a horrible life.

I wound speak to the HV or SS ASAP. It's neglect, plain and simple. If she's not getting sufficient interaction and stimulation at home, she won't be meeting her milestones and may have a developmental delay.

Does she go to nursery/school? What do they say?

Curlywurly4 Sun 07-Feb-16 22:44:51

That's not true re: SS not being interested. If the neglect is effecting her development, it's causing harm & a safeguarding issue. Her needs are clearly not being met.

misslopez Mon 08-Feb-16 12:33:09

My sister would never harm her in that way she does go to nursery 3 hours a day, some days she don't go, to be honest I couldn't say where she learned to kick and hit she was doing this even b4 I lived here there been times my niece has punched my sister and left her with bruises, I really do want to help my niece in anyway I can as I know it's a cry for attention but I feel like I'm failing her, and I'm at my witts end on what todo I'm scared if I open up my sister will throw me out my child will be here in 3 weeks Im stuck :/ my niece is a lovely kid at heart I know she is

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