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does anyone want an update on a date?

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buddhasbelly Sat 06-Feb-16 21:16:53

Hi all I'd posted previously re an upcoming date I have and looking for a dress etc, old threads here

I've gone for another dress in the end as the length was just not quite right for me (but friend has got use out of it) - if anyone wants pic of new dress I will post.

Anyways, we've been talking consistently (almost daily) since my last update, our goals and everything all seem to match up, I'm rather optimistic about all this, it all seems easy, not forced just like we'd never lost contact.

Oh and as part of his visit we're now going away for a night with my dparents having dd overnight for a few nights (cannot thank them enough).

Anyway, it's a Saturday night and I always like an update thread smile

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