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Radio 4: The Archers. Storyline on domestic abuse

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Whattodowithit Fri 05-Feb-16 20:20:09

A storyline about domestic abuse on The Archers has prompted a fan of the show to raise money for Refuge on Justgiving. I don't know is sharing the link is allowed or seen as advertising, but hats off to him for raising awareness (and 23k).

GrumpyOldBag Fri 05-Feb-16 20:56:19

Yes, it's great isn't it? There was a thread about this on another board yesterday.

Imbroglio Fri 05-Feb-16 22:43:19

Look up Paul Trueman justgiving refuge. It's up to 27k now. Brilliant!

SilenceOfTheSAHMs Fri 05-Feb-16 22:50:32

What a guy. I fundraise and organize donations for women's aid and refuge will make bloody goddess use of the cash.

SilenceOfTheSAHMs Fri 05-Feb-16 22:51:06

Good use not goddess use!

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