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Split with my partner I'm heartbroken

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Angieyy1 Thu 04-Feb-16 20:07:26

We were together for two years and I could feel him drifting away over the last six months I asked time and time again if we were ok and he said yes it was jut work ..

I asked again just before Xmas if we were ok and we still wanted the same things to move into together to get married eventually and he said yes.

We spent the week at his parents over the Xmas with my son and his two girls and as we were leaving he said if he was to buy a house back home then I would have to move over I said yes but we had discussed this and we had planned to go back when my son had finished his education here ... We'd only just got back and he said he was going home again that weekend I asked him not too and he said he was so I'd said he was going home as a single man he went and I never heard from him .... I asked to meet him when he got back he said he didint love me we had nothing in common and he realised when we were at his parents for Xmas .... I left it for a month as I thought it would give him time to realise and miss me I contacted him today he told me he didint want me any more and is not commited to us .... I'm struggling with it all my heads a mess I sent him a message just before that to tell him how amazing he was and how he'd changed me and made me into a better person and how I missed everything about him I begged and pleaded for him to not do this and feel not only heartbroken but humiliated ..... I had my heartbroken before by my sons dad who I was with for 16 years and took me 5 years to get over it completely .as that was such a painful break with him cheating .... This man I wanted to marry and settle down with I accepted his children and his lifestyle of travelling backwards and forwards and been busy with work constantly we are both nearly 40 I know he doesn't want me any more but I'm struggling with it and can't understand what's just happened and he's lied to me for so long and knowing he won't loose any sleep from it And will be glad it's over I just feel like now I got in his way and I never ment anything to him and that hurts like mad I miss everything about him how do I get through this and stop loving and wanting him ...I can't bare the thought of the pain all over again

hurtandconfued2016 Thu 04-Feb-16 20:51:06

I am so sorry flowers
my partner has walked out on me 4 weeks ago and I was completely the same. gave him a month thinking he would come back and realize what he is missing (our 2yearold and baby due in 3 weeks) I begged and pleaded with him to come home but he hasn't and said he won't!
sending you hugsflowers

Angieyy1 Thu 04-Feb-16 21:02:03

I'm so sorry to here that .....the feeling is terrible you must be really strong and holding it together sons dad did the same to me he disappeared whilst I was pregnant I was bedside myself I took him back after I'd had my son but it was never the same we lasted 8 years after that then he had an affair and left me again he married her and she was in her 20s they have 2 more children .... Honestly Iv had heartbreak after heartbreake and I'm now 39 and truly exhausted I never thought the guy I was with would ever do this I trusted him and he's the only man Iv ever trusted .... Hope you stay strong and sending you hugs xx

Resilience16 Thu 04-Feb-16 21:41:21

I am so sorry this has happened to you. I know you feel really raw now, but at least he had now been honest about how he feels and not strung you along for another two years.
It hurts like hell, I am in a similar situation , we've just got to be kind to ourselves and get through it one day at a time x hugs x

loveyoutothemoon Thu 04-Feb-16 21:41:40

I'm sorry for your heartbreak.

Why did you say to him he was going home a single man?

FetchezLaVache Thu 04-Feb-16 21:45:43

I'm really sorry this has happened, you sound absolutely heartbroken about it. However, I would bet my last tenner that he is not, in fact, a single man.

Completely agree with Resilience though, at least you didn't make any life-changing decisions or moves. flowers

Shan1948 Thu 04-Feb-16 21:53:00

Hey, I'm so so sorry about what has happened! It happened to me and I used to continue to curl up in to my little corner of the bed because you just get used to it and then waking up and feeling for no one to be there, I promise it gets easier and you'll realise when you are over it because one morning you'll wake up and you will be on the other side of the bed! Everything will be okay xxxx

Angieyy1 Thu 04-Feb-16 22:15:08

Hi it was more of a threat to say if he went home again that weekend it's was over between us I didint mean it and hoped it would make him think twice but he still went

I'd hope he wasn't with some one else he works here through the week and alternate weekends it go home to see his daughters... I get on very well with their mums and am often around his ex and her mum she has moved on and is with some one else .....

his sister would come to visit me and get on so well ...... And I spent the holidays in Ireland with him and his family so I hope he wasn't with any one else I could even think about that right now

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