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Love life

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Neronani2 Sun 31-Jan-16 21:11:04

I have a very serious problem and I really need someone to share it with. Since when I was born that's some 23 years ago I'm still yet to have a girlfriend, I'm a nice guy and I'm not the finest man in the world but I think I'm handsome enough. I have asked out about 4 girls in my lifetime but they all said no so I'm in serious need of your advise.
Thank you

Ticktacktock Sun 31-Jan-16 21:27:47

I'll treat this as a serious thread......not really sure why I'm suspicious........ Could you try joining a gym or night class, or volunteering, or borrow a dog and get down your local park with it on a regular same day same time basis. Or hang out in Starbucks?

abbsismyhero Sun 31-Jan-16 23:09:22

get a job? join a social activity? local book group ours is reading the three billy goats gruff at the moment hmm

mum2mum99 Sun 31-Jan-16 23:15:40

Serial womanisers ask 10 times a day. Statically a better chance of results.
Pick a traditionally woman-orientated activity like cake decorating, so you can have your cake and eat it. You will have a big supply. Good luck.

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