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Online dating wondering whether to try

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Iloveyoutilltheend Sat 30-Jan-16 18:14:33

Technically I am as have been on site for 3 months now. I'm an ordinary middle aged mum and got more contacts than I ever thought I would. Partly I am scared to contact them back-what if they aren't like they say or I don't know dangerous or all the stuff you read on here, weird etc? But I've been single for an eternity..maybe am just looking for some encouragement. I'm not exactly overrun with suitable single men at work etc

VictoriaButler85 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:31:34

Which site do you use? Some have more features to stop pretenders than others!

Resilience16 Sat 30-Jan-16 21:01:04

Hi there, from my experience if you go into online dating with an open mind it can be fun.
Yes you may come across some oddities, but if you keep your wits about you you can sort the wheat from the weirdos.
Paid sites are generally better than the free ones. Make sure your profile is positive, don't list a load of negatives about what you don't want but rather concentrate on what you do.
I found profiles with loads of photos were generally as dodgy as those with none.
Generic messages that have been sent to any new faces on the site need to be ignored,also winks with no follow up.
Endless messaging generally in my experience led nowhere. Ideally if you see someone you like exchange a few messages, then chat on the phone and then if you get positive vibes agree to meet for a short date, couple of hours max just to see if there is any chemistry, and if there is then agree to meet again and take it from there. Yes there are game players,chancers and idiots out there, but you soon get to spot them.
As with anything in life, if your gut instinct tells you there is something wrong there probably is, so listen to that inner voice.
Don't respond to messages when drunk at 3am! I had a friend who did this and then wondered why all she got was loons.
I think if you go into it as an adventure, and don't go into it expecting every date to be Prince charming then at best you will have fun and might meet someone nice, at worst some funny anecdotes to tell your friends.
Good luck!

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