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Save me from my controlling, delusional, narc, gobsworth ex

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bogoffexdh Sat 23-Jan-16 21:05:49

Ahhh need a rant. He's pissing me off from cyberspace... Sending email after email about how I'm not doing what I'm supposed to re our 'divorce contract'. In my defence, I'm not very good at all this admin stuff as he was a severely controlling arse & I'm only just getting used to handling stuff for myself. Yes, I confess, I did forget one thing I had to do, but I mistakenly assumed he'd just push some paper under my nose for me to sign. I'll get it sorted asap. Am I pleased he's only in cyberspace & not by my side? Thank fuck for that. <sighs with relief> He's like a flaming bloody mosquito buzzing around.

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