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Reconciling after a decade or so of NC - your stories please?

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Lottielillie Mon 18-Jan-16 20:38:54

My back story:

I've been thinking about my new recent situation on & off and I'd be interested to hear, has anyone successfully rekindled a long-term NC relationship & how did the reconciliation happen? Pondering my own predicament, I can't imagine it coming about by writing letters much less phone calls or face-to-face. I've no idea how it might work, or even if I actually want it to. But for now, I'm considering how it has happened for others. Please tell me how your situations unravelled?

PollyPocket100 Mon 18-Jan-16 20:49:22

Tough one, it's such a personal decision.

After being NC with my Mother for around 7 years she apologised profusely and requested a second chance. Worst mistake I ever made. Had to get the police involved and move house in the end to escape her harassment.

Definitely not a 'one size fits' all situation. I'm sure lots of others have had far more positive experiences! What's your gut instinct?

Lottielillie Mon 18-Jan-16 20:59:59

My gut instinct? I have no idea. I totally made peace with myself that if she died & I never heard/knew or if I did find out, that I'd be ok with it. It wasn't a knee-jerk reaction, it had been brewing for years. I'd love to have a loving caring mum but I've had to be my own mum for most of my life. I have to think carefully, I might not get this chance again. I wonder whether she's sneakily in touch with my dc's through FB or something & they're not telling me? I'd love to understand how people have managed to overcome this?

PollyPocket100 Mon 18-Jan-16 21:06:28

Going by your last post OP I'd say stay as you are. Sounds like you're happy with your decision and have no regrets.

I hope someone with a more positive experience comes along to answer your question! Best of luck whatever you decide smile

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