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does it get easier??

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charleneralston26 Mon 18-Jan-16 13:38:55

so I'm now 2 weeks after oh walked out and today I've woke up and missing him terribly sad
I literally feel like I'm falling apart right now!
I need to keep going walks (more like a waddle as I'm 33 weeks pregnant) and having about 4 showers a day so my 2 year old doesn't see mummy upset!
does it get easier because right now I just feel awful my parents keep trying to push me to eat and buying me magazines and stuff to keep my occupied but nothing is working sad

ravenmum Mon 18-Jan-16 13:51:00

flowers It is hard to believe when you're where you are now, but yes, it does get better. Don't expect too much of yourself, or blame yourself for how you act when you're hurt. You're doing a good job making yourself go on walks! Glad to hear your parents are helping, but no, distraction doesn't help at first. It'll be a while yet, especially in your situation.

1DAD2KIDS Mon 18-Jan-16 14:18:31

I does get easier. If you are like I was at two weeks you'll still in shock over it all. For me it was hard just to motivate myself to get the basics done. Concentrate on getting the basic day to day stuff for now and try to look after your health. When your ready, talk to someone you trust and just let it all out. But rest assured it does get better.

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