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Dealing with husbands long term depression

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Kilmeny Sun 17-Jan-16 22:43:02

Hello, I did post in mental health but it's very quiet, I hope this is ok to post in here.

I am struggling with my husband and his depression at the moment. He has dysthymic disorder, meaning he is mainly very low and doesn't see much joy in life. He was taking Prozac until last October and had to come off for health reasons and has plummeted again since then after seeming slightly better.

We have two children with additional needs and he is a great dad and works full time
In a stressful job so he has a lot to cope with. He's tried various therapies and counselling but gave up on them saying it wasn't working.

I can see how much he is suffering and I don't know what to do to help any more. The children take up so much time with appointments and assessments and I am utterly exhausted and wishing he would just talk to me and be affectionate.

I love him very much and I know he feels the same but he has admitted that coping with work and the kids takes all his energy and there's nothing left for me. Which sounds selfish of me to complain as I want him to get help for him.

Has anyone any experience of living with a long term depressed partner and has anything helped? It's been 15 years of this up and down and there are bright spots but they are getting fewer. Thank you for reading. Ps I am trying to get him to see the GP again but he's reluctant.

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