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I'm leaving husband but nowhere to go, no ide where to start...

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lostscot Sun 10-Jan-16 11:01:45

Husband and I are splitting up, it's been on cards before but I've said I've had enough and want out. I just don't love him, we hardly speak and I can't face years of this ahead.Hes upset and saying how much he does for us but I can't take his constant moaning at me, telling me how much he does for us and how kids only misbehave when I'm home. Looking back I shouldn't have got married, I don't for one second regret my children but I like things my way, I don't want to have to do what someone else wants.
I've no family of close friends and honestly don't know what to do now.

pocketsaviour Sun 10-Jan-16 15:38:22

Okay. What's the basic situation, first of all?

Do you work?
If not, do you have skills/experience which would enable you to get back to work?
You said you have no close friends, but do you have more casual friendships which you could strengthen the bonds of?
What is the housing situation - do you own or rent? if you own, do you know how much equity there is (i.e. how much is the house worth compared to how much mortgage is left)?
How many DC and how old are they?

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