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Move on??

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Lapetiterose Sat 09-Jan-16 12:18:35

So I'm in a pickle. I met someone on OKC last week but he's now moved away for seven months for a one-off temp work contract, he works in oil hmm We implied we would see each other again but when push has come to shove the dates just haven't worked out. We have radically different schedules. If we really tried we could probably sort something but it seems a bit silly in a fledgling relationship to put pressure on it like this. Things went well though and I'm reluctant to write him off as it were.

Obviously I'll continue to date in the meantime but just wondering whether you lot think I should 1. Cut my losses and move on; 2. Get in touch when he moves back...? (Or is this strange on my part)

I don't really want to chit chat mindlessly in the meantime as it'll just be awkward without any kind of goal in mind.

Lapetiterose Sat 09-Jan-16 12:19:49

I certainly wouldn't be putting anything on hold by "waiting" btw. I'll continue to date.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Sat 09-Jan-16 12:22:21

Forget about him. You met last week. It is already difficult. Put him out of your mind completely, you don't know him at all and any mental or physical effort will be completely wasted on a stranger.

Move on, date etc. If he happens to contact you later in the year you can worry about it then, but TBH I can't see why this is even a question. It would be hard enough if it was someone you'd been seeing for a month or two, but a week? Really?

Lapetiterose Sat 09-Jan-16 12:28:34

We both had an amazing time though. And when he returns in August, it would be significantly easier to make a go of things if we wanted to; we'll both be in the same village for starters, and he'll have lots of free time (he works on and off).

I appreciate what you're saying but my gut is telling me he's a good guy!

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