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Revenge or not

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ChubbyChecker360 Sat 09-Jan-16 02:05:47

Hello firstly please accept me as a stay at home dad not a mum!
My partner has to cut along story short cut us loose to run off with a man we know as a friend who she has obviously admired for years. There is alot to it and he is taking advantage to some degree for a few reasons and she has got a man who has never shown interest in her before now but she finds exciting and handsome.
I am devastated and just want her back, I know that's daft to some but I love her Rightly or wrongly am thinking of a little revenge. Friends have suggested a few ideas but most I think would just drive her and this other man closer e.g. brick through window type acts.
The other 2 suggestions is a friend calling or leaving a voice mail posing as A) another woman who he is seeing. B)a prostitute he is seeing and has been doing something horrid like not playing safe.
She runs a business so has a webpage the idea is to say "I know you work at X and do Y there" her number and the numbers of the 4 other ladies she works with are listed. The call could be placed to any of them as they all do separate roles so by mentioning what she does would make it obvious the target was her.
Anyway it's all a little sordid and sad. I feel angry but don't know if either idea would actually be swallowed or if its even a good thing to do.
Sorry for going on just sad and angrysad

MrsUniverse Sat 09-Jan-16 02:10:46

Rise above it. Petty revenge will just make you feel worse. Concentrate your efforts on moving forward. The best revenge is living a better life.

LuisCarol Sat 09-Jan-16 02:11:47


I'm sorry you're hurting, but... not. At all.

MizK Sat 09-Jan-16 02:12:42

Are you being serious?

I'm trying to be kind as you've obviously had a bad time and it must be very difficult....but maybe read this back tomorrow and see what a terrible idea revenge of this type is. Really.

The old cliché about living well being the best revenge is actually spot on, I think. Do yourself a favour and don't entertain ideas of this nature, it will do you no good at all especially if you want her back one day (not sure why you would tbh).

Amazemedontbeacunt Sat 09-Jan-16 03:15:20

Behaving badly (and criminally!) to revenge people will just give them the defense of 'this is why I cheated/left/behaved that way. He/she always behaves like this. Look what he/she is doing to me' etc etc. Don't bother with them, they aren't worth your time and energy. It's hard but the PPS are right about living well being the best revenge.

EasterRobin Sat 09-Jan-16 03:49:06

No, I wouldn't do it for real. I can see it could be nice to imagine doing this sort of thing...or at least be aware that you would be able to.

Reese123 Sat 09-Jan-16 11:29:51

Don't do it - imagine if she found out she would never look at you the same again.

It is best to maintain your dignity. Time will change the way you feel - really it will.

Plus I always think some kind of karma will come back to me so always live my life that way eg treat people how you would like to be treated.

Fckup Sat 09-Jan-16 11:36:36

The best revenge is living well - as hard as it is hold your head up and take each minute as it comes. Work on you and your self esteem.

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