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No emotional support or hugs wwyd

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whatisforteamum Wed 06-Jan-16 08:47:15

My husband now sleeps downstairs after 14 yrs of me doing was ok considering it was dfs last (terminal cancer prognosis march).I ve worked loads over xmas as someone at my new job had an operation and had 5 weeks off,so about 44 hrs a week on shifts,Our DD has been doing 50 weeks evn xmas day so dh has been holding the fort cleaning as he had 2 whole weeks off.
New yr is proving hard as mum took xmas tree down with df for the last time,Df can barely wlk and cant now drive,They have been together 50 yrs next month.
My DH seemed nice enough over xmas and even bought me a pressie,weve been together 29 yrs though the last 2 since his heart attack he has had bad tempers.
Last eve i felt tearful im never really like that but dropping parents shopping off and serious conversations etc.i went to speak to dh,He became angry as big brother had been on and he was now watching a soap on repeat,He turned off tv when i pointed out its hard to talk above it then offered no advice or a hug,i am so worried when df dies as i work unsocial hrs and so dont have time for friends he and dcs are my life as such,We cant split and tbh the beds being sorted out means i get proper sleep now when he gets up 445 am.Where would you turn for support?

pocketsaviour Wed 06-Jan-16 19:05:16

OP, you've been posting about your increasingly awful marriage for the past year.

Why have you now decided you can't split, when you'd previously said you were just waiting for your DC to finish exams?

whatisforteamum Wed 06-Jan-16 23:57:18

Hi pocket because rent is really high where we live and df cant walk now so moving out this week or next seems like a recipe for a nervous breakdown,TBH ive just got in this eve to a mess,I could weep he has become so damn rude now he has returned to work sad

pocketsaviour Thu 07-Jan-16 20:08:40

Have you checked how much housing benefit you would get if you were on your own? Plus tax credits? And your younger one you'd still get CB for, right, which means you'd also get maintenance from your H? I know it's a terribly stressful time with your dad being terminal but you seem to have been putting your own happiness on the back burner for years in favour of everyone else's.

Is your H still being off with your DS?

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