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Where has the 'right, listen up everybody' thread gone?

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JanuaryKat Mon 04-Jan-16 23:21:08

Just wondering where the wonderful sticky thread went? (that sounds wrong but I hope you know what I mean)

Can it be re-stuck?

Inexperiencedchick Mon 04-Jan-16 23:47:57

watching your thread with interest as I couldn't find it myself.

Well done for posting.

HandyWoman Mon 04-Jan-16 23:51:16

Was wondering that too....

ScarletBegonias Tue 05-Jan-16 12:33:36

It's still here but seems to have come unstuck after someone added to it earlier today. Would be good to be 're-stuck', I think.

sadwidow28 Tue 05-Jan-16 13:24:05

That thread has been a life-line for so many posters. So well written and succinct. I hope it gets re-stickied.

JanuaryKat Tue 05-Jan-16 13:24:07

Please re-stick it mumsnet <passes superglue>

JanuaryKat Tue 05-Jan-16 16:07:37

It's back!!!
Thank you smile

ScarletBegonias Tue 05-Jan-16 16:18:52

Good thing you came armed with superglue, JanuaryKatgrin

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