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A happy new year message to you all...

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goodriddance11 Wed 30-Dec-15 23:12:12

I NC a lot so no one will recognise me but I have posted a lot over the last few years that were the worst of my life. I found MN at a time when I thought the world was collapsing, and in a way it did, and certain people here held my hand when I was all alone and felt like I had no idea what was happenning, gave me practical advice, support, and sometimes just made me feel less like a leper by saying "hey, that happenned to me to".

I looked at the board just now and saw a few thread titles that turned my stomach over, because I know some people are where I was two years ago, going through a time of complete shock, hell on earth and I feel so much for you all.

It's so depressing, yet at the same time for every fuckstick, lying, abusive bastard out there, there are 10 strangers willing to give help, support, kindness, tough love and wisdom to someone they have never met - for no reason other than to pay it forward.

thanks to all the people who spend their time here helping other, and hugs to all those going through a bad time.

I promise, it does get better.

Happy New Year!


DontKillMyVibe Thu 31-Dec-15 13:10:09

I'm glad life feels better for you now. Happy New Year to you too and here's to an even better 2016 smile

sarsiem Thu 31-Dec-15 13:46:12

Thank you Good. Still living with my EA ex here, six months on. Filed for divorce in October. Oh the joy. 2016 has got to be a better year. Friends keep telling me it gets better, I'm wishing my life away waiting.

Happy New Year to you xx

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