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Any iPhone experts about?

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mummylila Mon 28-Dec-15 13:55:37

Does anyone know what it means if your text messages have gone green and are texts instead of blue iMessages?

I was thinking I'm blocked as on whatsapp I can't see their last online anymore but I can see profile pic which I thought disappeared if you're blocked

Does anyone know smile X

12purpleapples Mon 28-Dec-15 13:57:00

It means that they aren't using imessage anymore, so either they have turned it off or have a new phone that isn't an iphone.

Pebbles601 Mon 28-Dec-15 13:58:28

This happens to me sometimes when I run out of data allowance, just green means a text instead of imessage. You can turn off your last see online in whatsapp settings. I think when blocked, you can't see their profile pic anymore but I may be wrong. One way to find out would be to ring them, it would either cut off or be engaged tone. If your ring anon then it should go through.

FoxInTheDesert Mon 28-Dec-15 13:59:59

It means the person you message is not connected to either wireless or 4G. If you are blocked on whatsapp, your message basically doesn't get delivered, but Imessage and Whatsapp are different. Or as 12 says, they might have changed their phone.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Mon 28-Dec-15 14:00:21

Could be your wifi isnt working -

mummylila Mon 28-Dec-15 14:05:57

Thanks all, makes sense about the wifi thing

TokenGinger Mon 28-Dec-15 14:14:08

You're right about the pic on whatsapp too. You wouldn't be able to see it if you are blocked. It's likely they've just turned their time stamp off - mine is switched off so nobody can see when I was online and I can't see when they were either.

slightlyinsane Mon 28-Dec-15 15:59:14

If you are blocked on an iPhone it will go green but still not deliver. Another way to find out is to phone them if it rings once and goes to voicemail you've been blocked

Walkingonsunshine00 Mon 28-Dec-15 16:09:32

The whatsapp thing is wifi/a bug because it happens to me sometime s

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