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Refusal to Return Child After Visitation

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yasmingillies Sat 26-Dec-15 09:02:09

Please help me. My ex has taken my 2 year old and not returned her i am hysterical and the police will not help. I will have to go court next week and get a court order. I am a mess. I dont know what to do next. Does anyone know a solicitor who is working this weekend and able to go to court on Monday with me? I just want my baby back. She has never spent more than a night away from me before. He will not answer his phone neither will his family. I need some help please

Icandoanything Sat 26-Dec-15 09:08:51

What reasons has he given for not returning her? Have you contacted the police?

kittybiscuits Sat 26-Dec-15 09:12:33

So sorry to read this OP. You must be beside yourself. When was your daughter due back? Do you have a written agreement about what was supposed to happen and when she was supposed to be returned (text or email)? Is your ex on the birth certificate? What did the police say?

MuttonWasAGoose Sat 26-Dec-15 09:14:04

I am so sorry that you're going through this.

Learningtoletgo Sat 26-Dec-15 09:23:34

What did the police say?

Is she in any immediate danger from your ex or his family? If so call them back again.

If not, take deep breaths and try to bring your heart rate down. There's probably a huge amount of adrenaline pumping round your body. Keep taking deep breaths.

Now think. What triggered this?

Do you have any family/friends that could help act as mediators with him in a calm manner?

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sat 26-Dec-15 09:29:39

Ok I get that it's terrifying but the courts will return her. Try to stay calm flowers

ArcticCactus Sat 26-Dec-15 09:34:02

Is there any chance he could take her out of the country? Does she have a passport?
If so call the police back and tell them.

WipsGlitter Sat 26-Dec-15 09:50:31

Do you know where he / his family are? Could you go round there?

babybarrister Sat 26-Dec-15 09:57:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heatherplant Sat 26-Dec-15 09:57:53

What do you mean by taken? Has this been a pre arranged visit and a refusal to bring her back afterwards or has she been forcibly removed from your home? The police have to act within the law so if he is named on the birth certificate and it was part of an arranged contact when no court order is in place they can't remove the child from father unless there are other factors involved, think unsuitable living conditions/violence etc. If he has come in and snatched the child that's a different kettle of fish.

WaitingForSnow Sat 26-Dec-15 09:59:05

Gosh want a stress for you! What did the police say? I can imagine you are going out of your mind flowers

FishWithABicycle Sat 26-Dec-15 10:00:32

Is your ex of British descent or does he have family in another country?

AyeAmarok Sat 26-Dec-15 10:10:45

Whereis the passport? Does she have one? Any chance he could have applied for one?

Dipankrispaneven Sat 26-Dec-15 10:13:30

Phone Women's Aid - 0808 2000 247 24 - NOW. It's a 24 hour helpline.

Fionajsd Sat 26-Dec-15 10:17:17

Contact your solicitor today ! They will sort it out for you , massive hugs xx

alteredimages Sat 26-Dec-15 10:21:57

How horrible for you yasmin flowers. Are you by any chance in Scotland? If so, the procedures may be different from the rest of the UK and some of the advice you receive here.

I second PP's advice about passports. If your DD doesn't have one that is in your possession then your ex may have applied for and received one, so it is important to rule this out. If he has another nationality he may also have applied for and received a foreign passport for your DD which he could use to travel out of the country with her. It is important to stop this happening, especially with non Hague convention countries such as Egypt.

Hopefully all of this doesn't apply and your DD will be returned quickly, but if there is any chance that he has a passport for her then you need to tell the police that and make sure he is not allowed to take her out of the country.

Dipankrispaneven Sat 26-Dec-15 10:39:23

Fionajad, contacting a solicitor today may not be as easy as you suggest.

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