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Mathanxiety, Anyfucker, atilla, anniegetyourgun, whyfrank

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WhoooshFlooosh Wed 23-Dec-15 22:29:48

Thank you.
All the best for 2016
If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be here now flowers

SoleSource Thu 24-Dec-15 14:57:14

flowers xxxx happy Christmas xxx

mintoil Thu 24-Dec-15 14:58:10

Indeed. Much food for thought over the year.

Happy Christmas. xxx

Pilgit Thu 24-Dec-15 15:21:30

There are lots of very wise, lovely, supportive and rather forthright people on this forum that probably do not realise the good they do in this world. Supporting and guiding women (and men) to find better lIves. I'll definitely drink to you all!

Chippednailvarnish Thu 24-Dec-15 15:22:48

Happy Christmas!

meoryou Thu 24-Dec-15 15:30:54

Agree wholeheartedly xx

pocketsaviour Thu 24-Dec-15 15:36:00

I second that emotion.

Happy Christmas to everyone star

flatbellyfella Thu 24-Dec-15 15:58:31

Wishing you a happy Christmas & New Year.

HelenaDove Thu 24-Dec-15 16:57:55

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Anniegetyourgun Thu 24-Dec-15 17:42:44

If I helped at all, you're extremely welcome, WhoooshFlooosh, and I'm glad you're still around smile

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 24-Dec-15 17:50:27

Glad to be of service smile

Happy Christmassanta

AnyFucker Thu 24-Dec-15 18:10:35

I don't remember anything about you, but whoever you are it sounds like you are in a better place.

Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2016 x

RudeElf Thu 24-Dec-15 18:20:50

I share this sentiment. You guys do more good than you know wink

Thank you for me personally and for all the others you've helped. thanks

ArcticCactus Thu 24-Dec-15 20:14:55

I know people say mn is a nest of vipers but I've had some very wise counsel on here.

A very God Jul (merry Christmas) to you all.

longesttime Thu 24-Dec-15 22:13:30

I can't remember the exact names of many of the people who've helped me over the three years since I found Mumsnet and that's a lot of NC ago for me as I prefer to travel incognito - but I remember a few of you helped me through the absolute shittest time of my life. If for nothing else to keep on talking when I badly needed to be heard

Thank you!

velourvoyageur Fri 25-Dec-15 11:24:02

Yeah, thank you guys smile flowers

I had my own thread here two years ago which helped SO much, but have also learned a lot from just lurking.
Alisvolatpropiis was also very kind to me, as have been others, after something happened to me last summer and I mentioned it on here.
MN is a bloody brilliant place and I don't even have kids! (yet, hopefully!)

ThumbWitchesAbroad Fri 25-Dec-15 11:26:12

Glad you're in a better place now Whoooosh. thanks

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