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Not happy in my marriage!

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Mamamoose1 Wed 23-Dec-15 22:13:53

Hi, I have been with my husband for 10 and a half years and we have three children. I'm finding my husband very hard to live with at the moment. He can be very short with me, he continually criticises me, he's always negative towards me and I feel like I can't do anything to make him happy. I'm a SAHM to our 6 month old daughter and although it suits us both, my husband seems to have issues about me not working and earning any money. I've worked in the past with our previous children, but due to the lack of family/childcare it has always been difficult to work. He always seems cold towards me, we argue most days and I just feel so miserable, inside I'm screaming. We rarely have sex, cuddle or kiss, or show any sort of affection towards each other, which seems to be another flag, to the breakdown of our marriage. I do still love him (I think), I just feel we have lost each other in between work, children, lack of quality time, we've had lots happening during the last few years too. It would be easy to leave him, but I want our marriage to work. He is a good father and he works hard, but as a couple we are struggling. Should we maybe consider marriage counselling?

Intheprocess Wed 23-Dec-15 23:13:15

Hi Mamamoose1,

I think marriage counselling is always worth trying when a relationship is approaching the point of breaking down. However, I suggest you get some solo counselling to help you get things clear in your own mind first. When you're in the middle of the situation it's easy to lose track of what counts as normal behaviour in a relationship, and you need firm ground beneath your feet before you see someone together.

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