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talk some sense into me!

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lucyjordon Tue 22-Dec-15 18:52:41

I have recently dabbled with old for the first time. Met a couple of people with no chemistry and left it at that. Met someone who I thought I got on well with, but even I could tell on the third date all he was after wS sex, and he never spoke to me again when he didn't get it! Met someone else who I really liked, on Friday I did what I wouldn't normally do and thought life is short, so slept with him. He was lovely to me, wanted me to stay over afterwards, held my hand in bed etc etc. but I have only heard from him a few times since, whereas prior to that there was a lot more texts. We both have our school for Xmas this week and then we're both dc free next and going to meet up then.
I know I am completely over thinking this! I shouldn't text him yet should I? Is he just wrapped up in having his dc with him it has he shagged me and is dumping me?If this goes wrong I know I need to give the dating a break. It was supposed to get fun, but I liked him and this bit isn't fun. I am just crap at working out what people are thinking.

Cantwaittillboxingday Tue 22-Dec-15 19:08:28

It is a busy time of year so that could be a factor. However if he really liked you and couldn't wait to see you again I think you would know it. I would prepare yourself for it fizzling out.

pocketsaviour Tue 22-Dec-15 19:36:31

You saw him on Friday and it's only Tuesday so if he's texted you "a few times" then it doesn't sound like he's a fuck and run type. It does sound like you're both tied up over the next week with DC and then you've made plans for the following week, if I'm reading this right? I would just look forward to seeing him again and see what happens. If he blows you off, then you had good sex but the guy wasn't for you. It happens. If the next date goes well, then happy days, right?

lucyjordon Tue 22-Dec-15 19:56:19

Thank you both. Would you just leave it until our respective dc go to their other parents on Saturday? He is a bit older (50s) and in a job which has a certain amount of social standing and he has to At least be seen to be behaving in a decent manner, which is why I thought I'd go for it the other night! Thinking about it, he was fairly chatty on texts until we actually met, and then was quite quiet between dates other than arranging when and where.

lucyjordon Tue 22-Dec-15 22:31:21


Jan45 Wed 23-Dec-15 12:49:44

Sex complicates things for women, makes you start over thinking about how much he likes you etc, which is why it's always better to hold off until you can trust the person but it's hardly the crime of the century, hopefully you enjoyed it!

Just don't text him, he will contact you, if he doesn't, or leaves it for a while then you have your answer, you're already feeling he's pulled back but there could be any number of reasons so stop with the analysing and just get on with your life, don't put him on a pedestal, well not until he deserves to be on one!

ohYestoYestyn Wed 23-Dec-15 21:02:44

don't put him on a pedestal, well not until he deserves to be on one!

words to remember!

lucyjordon Thu 24-Dec-15 13:31:20

Thanks all! Well he texted me this morning with some free days next week after his dc have gone, to do what we spoke about on Friday, so I'm hopeful he is at least a nice guy!

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