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Had a friend request from a former male work mate..

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emm0371 Mon 21-Dec-15 18:05:02

And I use to have a huge crush on him.

Now I am past 40 so not a young teenager.

I have not worked at the company for over a year, so quite curious as of why he has sent me a request?
And do I tell him in a non creapy way that I use to have a crush on him? I mean, what is the worst that can happen?

I am just wondering why I would get a request. I have accepted and we have breafly spoken via fb messages.

Please tell me to grow up, stop thinking too much into his request and get a life OK.

RealityCheque Mon 21-Dec-15 18:14:02

If you're both single, go for it!

Counttheshadows Mon 21-Dec-15 18:15:41

Maybe he's only just joined fb? If you're both single just chat to him and just see what happens from there.

emm0371 Mon 21-Dec-15 18:24:11

He has been on fb a few years now. But we have a mutual friend, so perhaps he was adding me bacause of that and I am reading way too much into this.

emm0371 Mon 21-Dec-15 19:03:46

Well what do you know, he just sent me a message on fb asking me out lol, what to do, what to do.... panic

tanyadm Mon 21-Dec-15 19:04:33

Say yes!

velourvoyageur Mon 21-Dec-15 20:27:31

yay!! say yes, obviously! why not?

iklboo Mon 21-Dec-15 20:30:26

SAY YES!!!!!

Counttheshadows Mon 21-Dec-15 20:50:03

If you want to go, say yes.

DaffodilsAreMyFav Mon 21-Dec-15 21:13:26

... and let us know how it goes!

IamlovedbyG Mon 21-Dec-15 21:15:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Notrevealingmyidentity Mon 21-Dec-15 21:18:44

Nah it blatantly isn't. If this guy had wanted to be friends he would have been while he worked with OP.

I've had many a bloke do this. (Yep I'm that gorgeous grin)

Has he by any chance just come out of a relationship ?

HooseRice Mon 21-Dec-15 21:21:42


pocketsaviour Mon 21-Dec-15 21:42:00

Assuming you're both single, go for it!

tanyadm Mon 21-Dec-15 21:42:42

He asked her out, it wasn't just a friend request.

emm0371 Mon 21-Dec-15 21:49:47

I said yes smile and yeah we are both single. Going out between xmas and new year. Thank you everyone

velourvoyageur Mon 21-Dec-15 22:08:34

great news :-D have fun!

LovelyFriend Mon 21-Dec-15 23:14:40


ohYestoYestyn Wed 23-Dec-15 19:27:19

do you think he could tell you had a crush on him? maybe he just didn't feel brave enough then or wasn't single.
Excited for you!

tobysmum77 Thu 24-Dec-15 09:00:46

Hahahaha are you all that op? gringringrin

I've had ex work colleagues both male and female send me friend requests and have never thought anything of it.

But hey if you like him then send him a pm... Nothing to lose and lots to gain fwink

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 24-Dec-15 09:05:27

Have a great date smile

IslaMann Thu 24-Dec-15 09:07:36

Ooh exciting! Let us know how date goes!

hellsbellsmelons Thu 24-Dec-15 09:49:02

Wow - I hope you have a successful date.
Relax, be yourself and enjoy it!

IslaMann Tue 05-Jan-16 14:59:10

How was the date?

Louisa111 Tue 05-Jan-16 16:56:29

I'm intrigued to know too wink

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