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Sharing my Christmas happiness

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Queenofhappiness Sat 19-Dec-15 08:47:10

A year ago enormous cracks appeared in my marriage. I was utterly utterly desperate. I think my situation was up there with the most severe abusive/controlling marriages that've been on MN for a while & you all rallied round. When I thought 'there's no way I can do this', when I clawed myself along by my fingertips, you were all here to help me & keep me going. Now here I am, Deckthehallswithdesperation has turned into the Queenofhappiness! I am divorced. My kids are well. I am safe & secure. And most unbelievably of all, I have a new man. We're spending Christmas together. He's so loving/caring & generous I'm on cloud 9. Thank you so much everyone for pulling me through the most horrific experience of my entire life. I was bathed in acid & roasted in the fires of hell by my ex.

Fooshufflewickbannanapants Sat 19-Dec-15 08:58:43

Fabulous post to read 😀. Good luck for the new year.

chickenfordinner Sat 19-Dec-15 09:00:59

So so pleased for you. I don't remember seeing your posts, sorry, but what amazing strength you must have had to leave and I am SO pleased for you and your kids that you did. Have an amazing Christmas xxx

lazymoz Sat 19-Dec-15 12:32:58

I remember you and I'm so happy that you are now out the other side. Merry Christmas to you all those you hold dear x

Lavent Sat 19-Dec-15 12:46:03

Lovely thread OP I am so pleased for you! Gives me hope too that happiness might still be out there.

Have a lovely Christmas wine

pocketsaviour Sat 19-Dec-15 16:42:46

It's lovely to hear you're doing so well Deck, and that your DDs are doing good too. Have a wonderful Xmas smile

marzipanmaggie Sat 19-Dec-15 19:48:11

Congratulations and very heartening to hear. I'm somewhere along the path on the way up to where you are and its good to hear positive stories.

Savagebeauty Sat 19-Dec-15 19:50:09

Fabulous news . Have a wonderful 2016 x

inlectorecumbit Sat 19-Dec-15 19:55:50

What a wonderful update, l remember your threads Deck. It sounds like 2016 is going to be a good one for you wine

Scarletforya Sat 19-Dec-15 19:56:12

Brilliant! I remember you! 'Deckthehallswithfestiveelation' suits you better this year!

TheFormidableMrsC Mon 21-Dec-15 00:12:23

This is lovely to read, I remember your posts in Hobbits Bar and I am really glad that you have managed to create a new life for you and your children! Huge congratulations and I hope that 2016 brings you the peace and happiness you deserve smile flowers

Sansoora Mon 21-Dec-15 07:24:33

What a lovely catch up. smile

Congratulations and here's to the most wonderful of happy ever afters. smile

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