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Fuck buddy or Fwb?

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girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:03:42

A man i know has asked me to be his fuck buddy. I was just wondering why he didn't ask me to be his friends with benefits? What i'd like to know is, is there a difference between the two before i say yes to anything?

StrapOnDodo Fri 18-Dec-15 17:08:19

I can't imagine anyone saying either thing out loud..I certainly wouldn't go near anyone who used either expression. Fwb sounds the better of the two, if only because it's less American.

But I'm old and old fashioned, I suppose.

HermioneWeasley Fri 18-Dec-15 17:09:44

I thought they were the same thing?

Llouh Fri 18-Dec-15 17:12:47

They mean the same thing but if you're unsure can't you ask the man who is suggesting this?

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:13:38

Ok thank you...just wasn't sure!

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:13:56

Fwb sounds nicer !

Joysmum Fri 18-Dec-15 17:15:50

For me a fuck buddy is someone you meet only for sex.

FWB is someone you meet for sex and companionship but is not an exclusive relationship.

In reality, people's perceptions of both vary so you'd do wise to clarify fully what he wants.

sinber Fri 18-Dec-15 17:17:43

Well surely a fuck buddy is just sex, no friendship needed.

A FWB is friendship with extras, but no relationship.

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:21:17

thanks everyone..getting worried now!

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:21:37

so just a fuck nothing else?

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:25:30

i've got to think carefully about this

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Fri 18-Dec-15 17:28:12

Ask him to clarify exactly what sort of relationship he wants because people interpret these phrases differently and you have to know what you're getting into. Vagueness can lead to misunderstandings, so make sure he tells you objectively rather than subjectively. And make sure you know what you want too.

goodnightdarthvader1 Fri 18-Dec-15 17:28:24


girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:30:31

thank you whata

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:30:56

what do you mean goodnight ?

sinber Fri 18-Dec-15 17:33:35

I think that goodnight doesn't approve.

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:34:12

ohhh! ..ok

sinber Fri 18-Dec-15 17:38:17

I don't see the problem with a bit of upfront honesty myself, then all parties hopefully know where they stand.

Toffeelatteplease Fri 18-Dec-15 17:43:52

If you are thinking carefully about it, before youve slept with him, i can pretty much guarantee it isn't for you.

I think it generally only works when they is a reason for not moving the relationship forward, eg you have kids really don't want a new relationship but miss the physical side of things.

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:48:07

So would i be able to text him? or talk to him?

ThreeRuddyTubs Fri 18-Dec-15 17:49:30

You could text and talk to him but going out tk dinner or to the cinema etc would probably not happen whereas they would with fwb as you're supposed to be friends still

toffeeboffin Fri 18-Dec-15 17:53:39

'Would I be able to text him, talk to him?'


You've a lot to learn OP.

girlsjustlikedoingpuns Fri 18-Dec-15 17:56:30

So i'm glad i asked i thought there might be a difference thanks everyone!

abbsismyhero Fri 18-Dec-15 17:58:27

basically he wants to shag you but you're not "good enough to take to meet the family" if you see what i mean you're just going to be a hook up don't expect him to even acknowledge you when you're in the same room this is not a meeting of the minds simply a meeting of the genitalia

it's not something i would do personally but each to there own xx

Hillfarmer Fri 18-Dec-15 20:09:10

What a lovely guy!

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