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Not sure what to think

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MichelleNeedsMore Sun 13-Dec-15 14:23:31

First post on here, but this is something I don't think I could talk to a friend about. Been married 7 years, 2 DC and everything is fine, but a bit dull. Been trying a few things recently to make life more interesting - learning to play guitar, started running and also decided to pamper myself more and have been getting my hair and nails done every month. Last week I decided to book myself a trip to the local health club for a massage. I've had a few before but not recently - and something happened that I just can't tell my DH about. Without going into detail, as I'm blushing even typing this anonymously, I orgasmed while being massaged. I don't think the therapist could tell but I am unsure - and now I'm freaked out a little - why did it happen, am I bi, should I book another massage or avoid them like the plague? Very thrown by it tbh....

Manopaws Sun 13-Dec-15 22:29:28

Book another one and enjoy it. just shows how relaxed they made you feel.

P.S this doesn't make you BI.

P.P.S. where is the health club I want to go

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