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New relationships after domestic abuse/ dating advice for those long out of dating game

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Lullabullacoo Tue 08-Dec-15 23:08:57

1) Please can I get some stories of happy endings from you after a violent & emotionally abusive relationship ? I need some positivity...
2) I am almost 2 years out of such a relationship, finally feeling like myself again and feel happiness too. But I am feeling very lonely despite my two gorgeous children. I joined an online dating site but I felt I could not get an idea of a man from a profile (funnily enough I am a little wary now). I did see one profile which I checked out, he had no photo, but I felt as though I could have connected with him, lots in common. I did not realise that he could see who looked at him, finally plucked up the courage to contact him & he had left the site. Afterwards I realised it was a widowed father from my son's school, see him every day, feel very awkward now. We have never spoken as my son is new at the school. Do I say Hi? Or do I carry on as if I do not know who he is? Last time I was single I was a very naive & sheltered 22 year old (now 36). i really have no clue about these things.
Please be kind

BertieBotts Tue 08-Dec-15 23:18:56

Hello! I have to go to bed but will be back in morning, hopefully. is VERY good.

Have you done freedom programme? Do you feel confident you could recognise the signs of a good relationship, rather than an unhealthy one, these days? I found a lot of hanging around these boards helped me but recommend reading and learning a lot. It takes a while to hone the twat radar.

I think you should definitely try to strike up a conversation with the man from school smile About how best to do that... I won't advise. Am full of cold and probably not the best judge right now. Not sure whether it's a good idea to mention the site or not. Also bear in mind that he might have removed profile as he has met somebody.

Lullabullacoo Tue 08-Dec-15 23:49:13

Thank you, Bertie! I have done freedom programme, therapy & lots of other books (Lundy Bancroft very good books). Hadn't heard of the baggage web site, will definitely check it out. And yes, I wondered if he had met someone.

BertieBotts Tue 08-Dec-15 23:54:17

Oh yes Saint Lundy of Bancroft grin

I mean, he might not have met someone, so it's worth a try, just go slow.

Argh I should have gone to bed by now. Well, speak soon!

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