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When yours soooo want to send you're a f*cking t*at msg, but thankfully have the sense to one on here...

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Lacoba66 Wed 02-Dec-15 00:09:23

Ex had something belonging to me that wasn't particularly expensive (a camera) but it was a gift from my son, so sentimental value for me.

Agreed drop off, via access to shed & me at work, so no contact. Nothing!! Tells, me he "may make it Thursday". We had made arrangements several + weeks ago.

Told him to F**k off, to the far side of....

But still pissed off, that I have to 'give' in to a total twat!!!

Just a rant I guess grin

And... Breath...

Lacoba66 Wed 02-Dec-15 00:15:51

Edit : 'you'. & 'Come'.

amarmai Wed 02-Dec-15 01:08:58

if he's playing power games, better to ignore -or maybe you can go and pu when he is at his?

janaus Wed 02-Dec-15 01:50:47

Well, I did, sent a text to OW, just 2 words, one started with F, the other started with S .

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