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Tell me about Relate counselling

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TwoLeftSocks Mon 30-Nov-15 12:58:46

Our marriage could do with fixing a bit, we're (I'm) not very good at communicating, sex is a bit of an issue / not really happening, and I'd like us to be able to fix it, or work out if we'd be happier apart.

No affairs, no abuse, I like and care very much for my DH and would like us to be happily married. He feels the same.

Has anyone found counselling useful? I'm not very good at putting feelings into words, am hoping someone independent might help.

summerainbow Mon 30-Nov-15 14:17:47

Go for it . It will help if you are both on board .

RedMapleLeaf Mon 30-Nov-15 14:21:59

My friends have just tried this. It was a complete fucking shambles with the counsellor repeatedly changing the plan and repeatedly cancelling appointments.

All0vertheplace Mon 30-Nov-15 16:02:33

My experience has been brilliant -- our counsellor is very experienced, very kind and very perceptive. Ours was a similar situation to yours, and she has helped us unpack a lot of our issues in a safe and positive environment. Not sure yet if we're going to stay together or not, but really glad we did Relate.

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