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solicitor consultation questions?

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BoringlyRestrictive Mon 30-Nov-15 07:49:56

I'm going to find a solicitor locally for a free consultation on leaving my emotionally and mentally abusive husband.
I need to make excellent use of this time so what sort of questions are most important to ask. What do I need to know?

Research and organisation is my friend. I feel calm and confident when I'm well versed so please share your wisdom mumsnet!

PurpleWithRed Mon 30-Nov-15 07:59:50

Free consultation is a trial to see if you get on so don't expect them to solve your problems there and then. Stick to one big issue - how do I get him out of the house, what financial split would be reasonable, what if he won't come to mediation - and take along all the information you can get your hands on relating to that.

Suzietwo Mon 30-Nov-15 08:08:35

Prepare an asset schedule and chronology in advance and send it to them before the meeting. Include at least 4 recent incidents of abuse and a description of your house/floor plan. they might say 'oh I can't read that in advance' but I I can g'tee they will glance through both docs. That way they are ahead of the game and won't waste time asking factual questions.

1. Do I have any funding options? Eg Novitas loans/application against H to pay fees
2. What are my chances of success in an occupation order/non molestation order? Look these up in advance and read some stuff on the balance of harm test
3. How quickly do you forward emails and letters to me?
4. Do I approve every letter which goes out?
5. what is your back up if you go away?

If you can't use a solicitor

1. Which form do I need to complete
2. How long should my statement be and which are the most important incidents?
3. What is likely to happen once I have made my application?
4. Can you recommend a barrister on a direct access basis?

Suzietwo Mon 30-Nov-15 08:13:40

Btw it isn't quite right to say it's a trial session. Solicitors who provide free consultations don't usually offer advice at them, only information. So which form, what process etc. afterall, why would they give away advice? It'd be like a phone shop giving away a free phone for no reason.

I don't do free consultations for this reason. I don't think it's helpful to anyone - I charge for the meeting but give proper advice that people can act on

atticusclaw2 Mon 30-Nov-15 08:13:45

They are meeting with you in the hope that you will engage you to do the work so questions like can you recommend a barrister on a direct access basis are going to really piss them off. If you're asking this then leave it until the very end.

Suzietwo Mon 30-Nov-15 10:08:32

i dunno. i sometimes get referrals which i realise arent going to go anywhere b/c the client doesnt have the money to pay. doesnt stop me being helpful. i wouldnt meet them, mind.

OllyBJolly Mon 30-Nov-15 10:18:08

Agree with other posters. This first half hour free is a red herring - you won't necessarily get a subject expert and you are very unlikely to get valuable advice specific to your situation.

You would be much better off to pay for an hour with a good solicitor who is experienced and respected in the field of divorce law.

BoringlyRestrictive Mon 30-Nov-15 11:16:44

Yes I realise this now reading your responses. Also my mum suggested paying for an hour and having their full paid for attention.
I will see, it's going to be a long journey so I'm not in a rush to make an appointment.

Mumsnet and Google will do for now grin

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