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quick straw dating site for minimal wankbadgers

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unicornspooprainbows Sat 28-Nov-15 16:08:34

Just that really....for the non-hook up type of date or is it really a lucky (or unlucky) dip

BaronessSamedi Sat 28-Nov-15 16:12:02

probably any site that you have to pay money for.
maybe or guardian soul mates?
however, that alone does not rule out the tyre-kickers.

maybe try a proper dating agency or match-maker site?

Oysterbabe Sat 28-Nov-15 16:14:53

Match worked for me. DH was my third guy from there and the other two were OK.
I'd spent a year on pof before that and found them more of a mixed bag.

pocketsaviour Sat 28-Nov-15 16:16:42

Yeah anything paid will weed out the less serious people and you won't get so many stupid "hi" or "hey sexy" messages.

NoMoreMrRight Sat 28-Nov-15 16:21:01

I disagree. I've experience of both paid and unpaid sites and they've both been equally disappointing.

Reese123 Sat 28-Nov-15 18:24:48

Yes I agree have met awful lowlife a on paid sites. I've given up on OLD

unicornspooprainbows Sat 28-Nov-15 19:56:55

I discovered a 'platonic' friendship dating site, I guess for friendships, celebate, asexual, or medical reasons, as well as for people who want to take it slow. Might be interesting and may sieve out the -cock pictures- those who just want a hook up. Only £2 a week too, and there's loads of members......what do you reckon?

Xenadog Sun 29-Nov-15 08:19:42

EHarmony. You don't just get to trawl hundreds of pictures like on other sites as only 5 profiles are released to you a day. Doesn't mean there aren't nutters in there but it's slightly more selective and a tad more expensive than match so can put off those just looking for a shag.

The free ones tend to Have higher levels of idiots but having said that one friend is engaged to a lovely man she met on POF.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 29-Nov-15 08:21:03

What's the point of a platonic site if you want dating? confused

Minime85 Sun 29-Nov-15 08:25:07

I found match full of time wasters. Tinder great for a laugh if you don't take it seriously. Pof was good

niceupthedance Sun 29-Nov-15 08:35:15

Hinge is slightly more refined than Tinder. You only get 10 prospects per day, the idea being it makes you consider each person instead of flicking them off in a millisecond wink

elliepac Sun 29-Nov-15 09:21:58

Match or okcupid. Had a couple of nice dates from match and also a lovely fling with someone from okc. DP of 9 months was from okc, their matching statistics do work in my experience, DP was 96% and the fling 86%. Eharmony was a waste of money. You get weirdos on all of the sites, just ignore and block.

unicornspooprainbows Sun 29-Nov-15 11:57:44

I've just discovered Skout.....seems OK so far. Anyone any experience of it?

unicornspooprainbows Sun 29-Nov-15 12:06:32

Obsidian I think the platonic idea is if you just want company (male or female) and not looking for relationship/love/hookups/sexual involvement, that just exactly what I'm after tbh. Horses for courses I guess.

strawberryandaflake Mon 30-Nov-15 09:51:55

My experience:

PoF: is a waste of time. Too many wankbadgers, creeps and tarts. I think because it's free it attracts randoms.

Match: most men are really unattractive and it takes hours to sign up with lots of questions... Zzz...

Mysinglefriend: great for the under 32s, not many people on there after that.

Eharmony: like Match but even more irrelevant questions that people lie about.

Tinder: mostly hook ups but I actually met my OH on there. We did find out we had mutual acquaintances though and became friends first.

Doing Something: great idea to meet people who like doing the same things as you. Seems to work better in London.

Guardian Soulmates: lots of arty types and Hoxton hangers.


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