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How easy is it just do dating?

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doublechocchip Sat 28-Nov-15 15:45:28

Separated from exh 5 months ago, and for the most part enjoying doing my own thing, being with the kids, friends. I've started a new hobby and am re- training.

However most of my friends are married and now that that I have every Saturday to myself along with every other Friday night I think sometimes it would be nice to go on dates. I genuinely don't want anything serious just men to go the cinema/meals/drinks/'other' activities with. Is online dating good for this or is it more just relationship based?

pocketsaviour Sat 28-Nov-15 16:02:36

Most OLD (online dating) sites allow you to select what you're interested in, whether it's looking for a LTR/marriage, "short term dating" which is what it sounds like you're looking for, and there's often an option for "casual dating" or "hook ups" which generally means, well, hook ups!

Unless you're looking for hookups, don't write "I'm just looking for a bit of fun" on your profile, as this is basically code for "I want no-strings sex". I would word it as "Looking to meet new people for dating - I love the cinema, walking, attending footie matches, eating out, etc etc."

unicornspooprainbows Sat 28-Nov-15 16:05:09

Marking my place.....I'm in exactly same predicament. Whereabouts are you OP I could do with a buddy without benefits grin

doublechocchip Sat 28-Nov-15 16:09:56

Thanks pocket that all sounds good advice!
unicorn am in the northwest ?? Any good to you?

unicornspooprainbows Sat 28-Nov-15 16:24:14

Aww shame doublechoc used to live in Tynemouth 20 years ago...but these days I'm a lot further down! ....wish there was box to tick Platonic on dating sites

unicornspooprainbows Sat 28-Nov-15 16:25:35

Northwest!! Sorry I read northeast....still hundreds of miles away though sad

unicornspooprainbows Sat 28-Nov-15 16:29:22

What do you think this will be like?

lorelei9 Sat 28-Nov-15 20:29:30

ooh I would be fascinated to hear back if anyone uses this website!

I would love some more platonic friends in the immediate local area but when I joined local groups it was just "dating in disguise" in a turnabout, OP, have you considered local meetups because then you might end up with a Saturday night date?

unicornspooprainbows Sun 29-Nov-15 12:10:40

lorelei I'm going to give that site a go I think, will let you know.

lorelei9 Sun 29-Nov-15 18:19:15

unicorn, I will keep this thread on watch for an update!

unicornspooprainbows Sun 29-Nov-15 20:22:50

Actually Lorelei found this one and now think I may give this a go instead, seems to be more about simply making friends rather than emphasis on 'non-sexual' relationships.

Doughnutsandflapjacks33 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:48:50

I have been OLD for a while, it can be hard work, I try and tell men that I just want to date but I have had a few that have got a bit full on and wanted a full blown relationship (which is when I have had to end things quickly ). Make sure you state that you just want to date but try not to make it sound like your just after sex (I get so many messages from men who think I'm after a one nighter ). I usually meet up with men when my dc's are at their dads, have had a few nice dates and a few bad ones.

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